Getting Ready for Your Mini Session

Mini sessions are short, sweet, and to the point! These are a miniature version of my regular sessions and perfect to get just a few images of you, your family, your partner, and / or pets. Typically for these, I block off a window of time with a special location or studio set and offer back-to-back time slots in that window. Because they’re short and on a tight schedule, it’s important to be prepared so you can really feel “in the moment” while it’s your turn. Check out how!

Arrive Early

Parking near the mini session location–and in Old Town Fort Collins especially–can be hard to find! Plan to arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to find a parking space. I also recommend arriving into the studio or the session location 5-10 minutes early to give yourself time to adjust hair, clothes, face, and take a breath before we start. I generally have a waiting area setup where you can have a seat while I finish up with the previous client, so make yourself comfortable!

**As a reminder, because sessions are back-to-back if you are late to your session that time is deducted from your 20 minute time slot. This ensures the next client gets to start on time.**

Plan Ahead

I typically go through some standard poses and groupings, but if you have anything specific you’d like please make sure you have that at top of mind or an example image queued up and let me know at the start of the session.

Prepping Younger Kids

A lot of younger kids 1) don’t love strangers and 2) don’t love being told to sit still for a photo. For mini sessions, mindset and framing are keys to getting kiddos to cooperate. Let them know that we’re going to have fun, play some games, and there might even be a treat involved at the end.

I also recommend bringing a favorite toy or snack to get their attention with during the session. (With only 20 minutes, bribery may be a tactic to consider.)

If your child is shy or takes a while to warm up, a mini session may not be the right fit. With the shorter time frame, we have to jump right into it and there’s not a lot of opportunity to get to know each other. This can stress some kids out. If you think your kid(s) might fall into this category, reach out to me about booking a full session so we can take photos in a less stressful environment!

Prepping Pets

I love, love, loooooovveeee when people bring their pets to mini sessions.

That being said, there are a few things to be considerate of:

  • Only pets that are up to date on their shots, are potty-trained, and are well-behaved will be able to participate in studio mini sessions.
  • Please make sure your pet relieves themself outside or before you come into the studio. If they do have an accident, please be prepared to clean it up.
  • Please have your pet on a leash or in a carrier when you arrive to your session as there may be other clients (who may also have pets) still in the studio at the same time.
  • Brings treats, favorite toys, or anything else that will help keep their attention.

The Biggest Tip: Don’t Stress!

Y’all. We’re not going for perfection. We’re going for simple, memorable, and fun. Please don’t worry about everyone looking like a renaissance painting. Feel free to be yourself in these mini sessions and to enjoy the moment.

Ready to Book Your Mini Session?

Sign-ups are now open for my 2022 Holiday Mini sessions! These will take place Friday, November 4, 2022 from 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM at the Cache Creative Studio in Old Town Square, Fort Collins.

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