How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photos

An engagement shoot before your wedding is a great way to get photos for an announcement, or just document a new milestone in your lives. There are a few things to consider when planning your shoot, so check out these tips!

Coordinate your colors

You don’t need to have matching outfits, but picking colors and styles that complement each other shows that you are individual pieces in a total package.

Avoid distractions

Have fun with your outfit — it’s your day after all — but avoid pieces that take attention away from you! Everyone’s eyes should be on you and your happiness. Not the giant logo on your shirt or busy sequins-covered sweater.

Pay for the professional

It’s a special occasion and you want these photos to look freaking awesome. So treat yourself! Get your hair and make-up professionally done. You’ll look and feel fantastic going into the shoot.
Pro Tip: You can use this as a trial run for the hair and make-up artists you want for your wedding.

engagement photo ring shot of woman with arms wrapped around man

Have your ring cleaned

During your engagement shoot we’ll be taking plenty of photos of your s or your partner’s engagement ring. You’ll definitely want to make sure it’s in its best condition!

Think of this shoot as a date!

It helps ease the anxiety and keeps it feeling natural. Feel free to show some PDA. Hold hands, give smooches, nuzzle each other. Don’t be afraid to just show how much you love each other.

engagement photo of man and women reading books on the library floor

Avoid foods that are high in salt and fat for at least three days before your shoot.

Salty and fatty food can often make you feel sluggish and bloated, and can cause acne breakouts. Keep yourself in peak form and feeling good so that your true smiles come out in the photos.

Have a light, but filling, meal before your session.

If you’re like me, not eating enough will cause you to get hella hangry. Nobody likes hanging out with hangry people. Keep the peace, keep the session flowing, and keep having a good time by having a bite beforehand.

Moisturize your skin, but don’t exfoliate the night before.

Everyone loves having smooth, clear skin and you want your skin to look healthy and glowing in your photos. But I’d caution you not to exfoliate the night before. You don’t want to end up with irritated skin without giving it time to calm down before your shoot.

engagement photo close up of holding hands and engagement ring

Drink plenty of water.

I mean, this is just good life advice in general. But especially for your engagement shoot and wedding day, staying hydrated will keep you feeling good and looking good. We’ll be moving around and doing a lot of activity, and water will help keep you feeling fresh.


Probably the most important tip of all. Remember to enjoy yourself! This is you hanging out with the love of your life, and me capturing the moment. I swear, I’m not here to pull teeth. Have fun, live in the moment, and don’t worry about looking ridiculous. Just be yourselves and let your love shine!

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