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Adventurous Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I believe in being true to yourself and true to each other.

I’m Meghan — I like long walks on the beach, petting other people's pets, and unabashedly speaking my mind. My love of photography was passed down to me from my father and my grandfather before him. As I grew older, I began to struggle with depression and anxiety, and short term memory issues began to arise. Photography was a way for me to capture moments so that I could look back and remember the day's events how they truly were instead of how it looked through my foggy brain.

This is why it's so important to me that when I photograph clients that I capture them as they truly are. You never know when that photo is going to need to be their proof that a moment happened — their first married kiss, their baby's laugh, the smile on their mother's face, their haircut when they graduated college. These moments matter, and they should be captured authentically.

Some Fun Facts About Me





I have two degrees in music. I originally went to college for music education because I wanted to teach high school band. Music is still something that is at the core of who I am, and I still play in some local ensembles.

I LOVE to travel. Seriously. Put me on a plane or in a car and send me somewhere. I've been to to 39/50 states and 19 countries — and counting! My favorite part of traveling is getting to immerse myself in another culture and gain a new perspective on the world.


Look, it's us!


Big Fucking Nerd

The foundation of any collaboration and friendship starts with trust. And trust comes with getting to know a person.

The Love of My Life

Want to talk about Dungeons and Dragons, comic books, literature, games, or movie scores? I'm your gal. In my current campaign, I'm playing a human sorcerer named Hoff that's a little too enthusiastic about Fireball. What are you playing?

You’ll learn a little more about Blake himself and his role in the squad shortly. But as far as us as a unit, we’re #TeamSmooshingBooties. Blake is my rock. My inspiration. My joy. My pillow. My confidant. My love. My personal space heater. He’s one of the dopest humans I’ve ever met.

**Edit: Since writing this, Hoff has died in a tragic non-Fireball related incident. I'm between characters.**



Mountains and Beaches

Animal Lover

My family is from Hawaii and the Philippines. I grew up around the water and loved every moment of it. I love the way the water hits the sand, the smell of salt, and peaceful breezes. I didn't think anything could rival the beauty of the ocean until we moved to Colorado and I met the mountains. The stunning views of mountain peaks and meadows and lakes are nothing short of remarkable.

Animals are incredible, delightful, wonderful creatures. Please, please, please bring your pets to our sessions so that I can pet them and love on them and gush about how cute they are.

Meet Blake

Blake Skipper is my dedicated second shooter, photoshop wizard, business consultant, and love of my goddamn life.

Hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, Blake moved to Colorado in 2010 to pursue his Bachelors of Science in Business with a concentration in Computer Information Systems at Colorado State University. After graduating he began working for a software company in Old Town Fort Collins designing software for beverage, food, and cannabis distributors. And this is where we met.

Blake's passion for photography began a long before we had ever met. While he is a phenomenal portrait photographer, he has a real passion for landscapes and astrophotography.

When he's not pioneering the e-commerce space or shooting with me, you can find Blake playing video games, on a golf course, on his motorcycle, watching F1 races, or enjoying the great outdoors.

"Being photographed can feel awkward, but not with Meghan behind the camera."

The Experience

When you book with me, you're getting more than photographer. You're getting a hypeman. A consultant. A ninja. A walking, talking Mary Poppins bags. A friend.

I have extensive project management experience, so you can count on me for clear and thorough communication and expectations. I work hard to make sure there are no questions about what our plan is to make you look like a rock star. I can help plan out timelines, locations, and outfits -- all included as part of each package.

I'm also the queen of being awkward. So I know first-hand how uncomfortable you might be feeling in front of the camera. I do my damnedest to ensure that you feel cool, calm, and confident when we start shooting. Whether it's making you feel empowered during a boudoir shoot, or making sure your joy shows through in your wedding portraits, I've got you.

Snacks? Check. Some bevs (alcoholic or non)? Check. Bumpin' music to make us feel good? Check. The honest feedback about how damn good you look? Check.

No matter what, I've got you.

- Brittany

couples photo session at the grand canyon

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I'm based in Fort Collins, CO but am available to travel anywhere in the world!

I am LGBTQ+ and BIPOC friendly. Everyone deserves to love who they love, and diversity and inclusion are important to me.

The Leave No Trace principles are an integral part of my business and value system.