Rocky Mountain Engagement Photos

Bobbijo + Matt

Perfect Destination for a Stunning Mountain Backdrop

Bobbijo and Matt made the drive all the way from Spearfish, South Dakota just to have the beauty of the Rocky Mountains in their engagement photos. Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Colorado is one of the most visited national parks in the country. Despite that, it’s still possible to get incredible engagement photos and backdrops without tourists in it. 

We started off at a pull-off on Trail Ridge Road that overlooked Longs Peak for some great sweeping views of the mountain range. After that we headed up to the Bear Lake trailhead to begin our short hike up to Dream Lake. 

The hike up to the lake takes about 30 minutes if you’re from altitude, or about 45 minutes if not. The trail passes by a smaller lake (Nymph Lake) and a decently sized waterfall. We were able to get some super sweet shots along the way. 

Dream Lake itself offers absolutely gorgeous views of the mountains and a pristine lake to reflect the view back. The wind sweeping through made for some dramatic effects with Bobbijo’s dress that I really loved. There’s plenty of variety around the lake for different views, and we tried to take advantage of all of them. 

RMNP Dream Lake engagement photos

About the Couple

Bobbijo and I met back in college in Cheyenne, Wyoming when we were both working on our associates degrees. We share a love of theatre and choir, and had a lot of great adventures with the squad from the dorms. When she asked me about shooting her wedding and engagement session, I was absolutely thrilled to be able to see her again and meet the man of her dreams.

Bobbijo met Matt at work and started hanging out. They hit it off right away and knew soon that it was meant to be. They had both been in serious relationships before and knew what they were looking for in a relationship, and knew the other was it.

rocky mountain engagement photos

Getting There

It might be a little bit of a drive, but getting out to Rocky Mountain National Park for your engagement photos is 100% worth it! Here’s how long it takes to get to Estes Park:

  • Fort Collins: 1.5 hours
  • Boulder: 1 hour
  • Cheyenne: 2 hours
  • Denver: 1.5 hours
  • Colorado Springs: 2.75 hours

There is a daily entrance fee of $25 unless you have an annual pass. In addition to that, RMNP has recently implemented a timed entry system so you need a reservation to enter the park if you’ll be entering between 7am – 5pm. Check here for more information about the Timed Entry System.

For photo shoots, I recommend getting there either before sunrise or about an hour before sunset. Either way, bring good shoes for hiking to your photo shoot location and plenty of water especially if you’re from a lower elevation.

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