Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding | Rob and Rachel

Boulder, Colorado set the stage for Rob and Rachel’s wedding at Sunrise Amphitheater, a celebration seamlessly integrated into the natural beauty that defines Boulder weddings. As their photographer, I had the honor of capturing the raw, unfiltered moments against the iconic backdrop of Flat Irons.

Before the vows at Sunrise Amphitheater, we explored Chautauqua Park and Lost Gulch Overlook for their wedding portraits to capture the beauty of Boulder’s scenery. We then made our way to Sunrise Amphitheater for their intimate wedding ceremony with their close family and friends. They added a unique touch to their ceremony with the addition of a live violinist. Rob and Rachel’s love spoke volumes in the vows they wrote for each other, and the readings their friends and family shared with them.

Following their simple but joyful ceremony, everyone enjoyed a charcuterie table and catching up with each other outdoors.

Rob and Rachel’s union unfolded with simplicity against Boulder’s timeless backdrop. Their Sunrise Amphitheater wedding was a celebration of love, a dance with nature that echoed the enduring elegance found in the heart of Boulder. As a Boulder wedding photographer, capturing Rob and Rachel’s love at Sunrise Amphitheater wasn’t just about freezing moments. It was about crafting a narrative that echoes the timeless allure of Boulder weddings, where love and nature harmoniously merge in a dance that transcends the ordinary.

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