Colorado Boudoir Photographer

You Deserve Good Things!

What makes you feel awesome?

It’s a serious question, and if you reach out to book a session, I’ll ask it again. Because people are different, bodies are different, and how we feel about our bodies is all over the map.

For some people, boudoir is about embracing a big life change, a body change, or a new decade with confidence. For some people, it makes a sexy pre-wedding gift. Some people incorporate inside jokes into boudoir sessions, some people get naked, some people dress in lingerie, and some people dress in cosplay.

Whatever you wanna do, I’m game.

This is your experience — I’m here to follow your lead.

You are ALREADY radiant & glorious & sexy & magnificent

Let’s create a space where you can feel that

This is about you. So before the camera even comes out of the bag…

I’ll ask about:

  • Your comfort level in front of the camera and what makes you feel good: direction, no direction, reminders that you’re a sexy/fierce/powerful human, Lizzo on the speakers, etc.
  • Your boundaries — what’s okay, what’s not okay
  • What parts of your body you want me to accent
  • What parts of your body you want me to stay away from

After a few minutes…

You’ll forget you ever felt nervous. But I’ll still check in about how you’re feeling and what you need. Water/snack breaks are always okay, outfit changes are encouraged, and the playlist or vibes can always be adjusted.

When you see the photos…

You’ll probably say something like, “Holy buckets, Batman!” because you knew you were hot but you didn’t know you were this hot.

Ready to rock?

Let’s rock, you effervescent cherub.

01 Introduce yourself by filling out my contact form

It’s easy and only takes a minute. We’ll get to know each other better through a discovery call, do the legal stuff (like signing a contract and paying a retainer), and then we’ll get to the fun! 

02 We make the plan, stans

Unless you’re a seasoned boudoir pro, you probably don’t know exactly what look you’re going for, and that’s totally okay. We can talk about location options (studio, bedroom, etc), wardrobe (mainly so I can compliment/validate your fierce style), and any other questions you have. Every step of the way, I’ve got your back.

03 Get naked (or not) — feel magnificent

This is the part where you simply show up as your magical, rad, beautiful self, and I capture it. What you wear in the photos and what you do with the photos is totally up to you. Make a collage, keep them in a secret spot, show them to your best friends, gift them to your partner. You do you.

Get ready for your boudoir session

It can be nerve-wracking getting in front of the camera, especially in a less than normal amount of clothing. Let’s walk through what your session will look like and how you can set yourself up for success!

I’mma say it again: you deserve good things

(like an epic boudoir photo shoot)
And as your Fort Collins photographer, I’m here to help you make it happen.