Horsetooth Falls Engagement Session | Erin & Jason’s Lightsaber Battle

Nature, love, and Star Wars collided in an unforgettable engagement session for Erin and Jason at Horsetooth Falls. The 2.9-mile loop trail provided a captivating journey, with sunset hues setting the stage for an adventure into the heart of their relationship.

Erin, a Star Wars cosplayer, brought her lightsabers to the session turning the serene setting into a stage for a playful lightsaber battle atop the waterfall. The waterfall and forest surroundings witnessed a spectacular display, capturing the essence of their relationship – an intertwining of adventure, playfulness, and deep affection.

Beyond the falls, the trail offered forest vistas and a small cave, serving as intimate backdrops for tender moments. Timed around sunset, the session embraced the natural beauty, with each frame mirroring the radiant bond between Erin and Jason.

As the day concluded, the memories captured amid nature will stand as a testament to the magic of love and the joy found in celebrating it. Erin and Jason’s engagement session froze moments whispering of a lifetime of love, laughter, and endless adventures together.

About Horsetooth Falls

  • Trail length: 2.9 mile loop
  • Elevation gain: 580 feet
  • Dog friendly: Yes (must be leashed)
  • Entrance fee: $10/vehicle
  • Photography Permit: $25 for a single use permit; $150 for an annual permit. Apply here.
  • For more information, visit the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space page.

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