Wedding & Elopement Packages

This ain’t your grandpa’s elopement photography experience…

(Unless your grandpa’s wedding photos were easy and fun and maybe involved waterfalls and cosplay, in which case, your grandpa sounds awesome and I want to be friends with him and his photographer.)

No, but seriously. 

This photo experience can be exactly what you want it to be.

Pick Your Colorado Wedding Photography Adventure:

For the “please tell us exactly what to do with our hands and bodies” couple:

I will absolutely tell you what to do with your hands. But it won’t be like, “Stand here with your arms around each other and give me your biggest smiles.” 

It’ll be like, “Whisper an inside joke to make your partner laugh.” 

You might be thinking, “That’s really weird, Meghan,” but you’ll probably also be laughing. And if you’re focused on my weird-ass jokes, you won’t have time to feel too self-conscious. You’ll be too busy relaxing and having fun.

For the couple that wants to just relax and enjoy their day:

This is exactly what you should do. I’ll make sure you get the photos you want of and with the people you love — you sit back, relax, and hang with your friends and family. That’s what this day is about.

For the couple that wants to literally forget there’s a camera in the room:

They didn’t call me “fly on the wall Meghan” in middle school for nothin’. Just kidding — they called me Bacon (in a parallel universe, it rhymes with Meghan.)

But at Meghan Blanton Photography, we don’t let our middle school bullies define us. I will gladly be your fly on the wall. Candid photos are timeless and lovely. You enjoy your day; I’ll capture it just how it happens. Being in the moment isn’t something you’ll regret when you look back, no matter how much your extended family insists you should do things the “traditional” way. Promise. : )

For the couple that wants to do something specific & nerdy (read: awesome) in your engagement/elopement/wedding pics. Like this…

Let’s fucking do it. It’s going to be rad. And I can’t wait to hear your plan.

The moment matters more than the photo

There, I said it. (Other photographers don’t @me)

But when the moment ends, the photos are all you have

And when your moments are as glorious as these?!

You deserve equally glorious photos to remember them by.


I, too, am a prisoner of capitalism

So I’ve gotta charge money for my work & expertise & time

I may not be able to overthrow the system and get us universal basic income, but I can give my packages fun story-themed names… (I know, I’m as disappointed by this reality as you are.)

Every package includes:

  • Unlimited Consultations — so we can plan the day you really want!
  • Planning Guides that map out all the options, so you can choose what’s best for you
  • Custom Vendor Recommendations
  • High Resolution Images you can share & print & reminisce with
  • Access to my Professional Print Lab, so you can order photos right from your online gallery and know they’ll look amazing

On top of that, here’s what you get (depending on which package you choose)

The Novella

For couples that just want to cover the highlights. Available within 3 hours of Fort Collins, CO.

In addition to the services above, includes:

➳ Lead photographer

➳ Up to 3 hours of coverage

➳ 1 year back-up

Starting at $1800

The Storybook

Great for couples who are wanting to stick to a short, lowkey day.

In addition to basic services above, includes:

➳ Lead photographer

➳ Up to 6 hours of coverage

➳ 1 year back-up

Starting at $2800

The Saga

(Most Popular)

Enough time to capture all of the moments you’ll want to remember, not just some of ‘em.

In addition to basic services above, includes:

➳ Lead & second photographer

➳ Up to 8 hours of coverage

➳ Engagement Session

➳ 1 year back-up

Starting at $3900

The Epic

Perfect for couples that want the whole day — the love, the fun, the guests, and the views — captured.

In addition to basic services above, includes:

➳ Lead & second photographer

➳ Up to 10 hours of coverage

➳ Engagement Session

➳ 10 year back-up

➳ 20-page album

Starting at $5200

Here’s How The Cookie Crumbles

(And by that I mean: how the process works)

01 Introduce yourself by filling out my contact form

It’s easy and only takes a minute. We’ll get to know each other better through a discovery call, do all the legal things (like signing a contract and paying a retainer), and then we’ll get to the fun stuff!

02 Friends don’t let friends plan epic weddings alone

I’m here to help (never to tell you what to do). Wanna get married in a meadow? I’ve got options. Have a spot in mind but curious about permits? Lemme tackle the research. Not sure what you even should be thinking about? I’m happy to guide you through the process.

03 Do the thing!

This is the part where you have the wedding of your dreams (low-key, high-key, adventurous, Zelda-themed, whatever you want). While you have an awesome time with each other, I’ll snap photos so you can keep the memories.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely yes! I know planning even a small wedding or elopement can be very overwhelming. It’s hard to know what your options are without a trusty accomplice in your corner (that’s me!) Not only do I provide a planning guide for elopements and intimate weddings, but I also use questionnaires and in-depth chats with you to help you figure out and bring to life exactly what you want. I’m here to help you with location planning, permit info, and vendor recs.

I’m based in beautiful Fort Collins, CO but I absolutely LOVE to travel! There is no travel fee for locations within 100 miles of Fort Collins. If you’re looking at a location further away, let me know and I’ll tell ya how much it’d cost for me to meet you there.

Gotta catch ‘em all! My goal is to give you the whole story of your day, so I’m constantly shooting! When I begin culling, I remove any unflattering images (like half-way blinking or blurry shots) and any duplicates that don’t contribute to the story. (As an example, when we do family photos, I take several shots of the same pose to make sure everyone is smiling and has their eyes open. So I’ll take the best one.) In the end, you can expect 50-60 photos delivered per hour of coverage.

I have more answers! Send me a message and we’ll chat.