Western Colorado Wedding | Paige + Colin

Paige and Colin are two of the coolest, most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. Their backyard wedding was simple–full of laughs, delicious home cooked food, a touch of chaos, and so. much. love.

I loved the non-traditional way these two did things. They waited twelve years to get married, and when they decided it was the right time for them they wanted to do it in a way that represented them authentically.

The flowers were all handpicked from their family land. Their rings featured engravings of the beautiful mountains where they live. The music was provided by a Native American traditional flautist who is a close friend of theirs, and Colin’s wedding shirt was handmade by family. Their ceremony featured an amazing Apache blessing.

One thing in particular that I loved was the way Colin showed up for Paige. He’s an extreme introvert, and the prospect of standing up in front of people to recite vows was not very high on his list of things that are fun. But he loves Paige so absolutely, so resonantly, so fiercely, that he put all of that aside to stand with her in front of everyone to promise his love to her forever. And Paige, of course, returns that love in kind.

Congratulations to Paige and Colin! I wish you a lifetime of adventures, laughter, joy, and strength.

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