Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

November is National Native American Heritage Month.

While we should be working towards diversity year round, November is a great opportunity to put in dedicated effort. Take some time over the next few weeks (and particularly around Thanksgiving) to learn about:

  • Native American heritage
  • the different tribes whose land we live on
  • the contributions and successes of prominent Indigenous people
  • the challenges Indigenous people still face today

As an adventure and elopement photographer, it’s very important to me to respect the land that I’m on and the people that this land belongs to.

Here’s a small list of some resources to learn more, and please let me know if there are other resources you’d like to see here!

Resources & Links for Native American Heritage Month

National Native American Heritage Month – the official website for NAHM

PALABRA Indigenous Voices – listen to recordings in Indigenous languages

Rising Voices / Hótȟaŋiŋpi – documentary and learning guide centered around revitalizing the Lakota language

Native Land Digital / Whose Land am I On? – find out which nations or tribes inhabit the land you’re on, and learn more about them

Native Governance Center – a Native-led nonprofit dedicated to assisting Native nations in strengthening their governance systems and capacity to exercise sovereignty

Alaska Native Heritage Center – learn about the cultures and tribes in the Alaska territories

The Residential School System – learn about the history of residential schools and the cruel impact that they had

Native Land Information System – grassroots project focused on protecting native lands in North America

Land Acknowledgement for Fort Collins

From the NLIS

Fort Collins is on the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute Nations and peoples. This was also a site of trade, gathering, and healing for numerous other Native tribes. We recognize the Indigenous peoples as original stewards of this land and all the relatives within in. We also acknowledge that the treaties from which these lands were ceded were negotiated unfairly, were repeatedly broken by the United States Government and the damages inflicted upon the Tribes has never been repaired.

Have a resource that you think should be included? Want to explore the land together? Contact Me Here.

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