Valentine’s Day Minis

January 8, 2020

There was a point in my life where I truly hated Valentine’s Day. I thought it was ridiculous that society insists on forcing romance on everyone. Then I started thinking of Valentine’s Day in a different light — one that celebrates all forms of love, for our partners, families, friends, strangers, and selves. When we strip away the commercialism and remember to love each other, suddenly the day seems a little kinder.

So I’m offering a special mini session to celebrate what I really want this holiday to be about. This mini session is a great opportunity to get photos to commemorate love, whether it’s self-love or with someone else. These can be couples or solo portraits, wearing anything from lingerie to comfy sweaters, or heck, maybe even a onesie if you want. It’s whatever makes you feel comfortable and loved. Both the photos themselves as well as the session are awesome gifts to give!

Here’s the details:
30 Minute Session for $100
10+ edited images in a digital gallery
Full printing rights
Photos will be done in time printing before Valentine’s Day
Sessions available January 26th or February 8th

I don’t have to really explain the idea of love with your partner or significant other. You want to have beautiful photos to cherish being with them and your adventure together. You want to be able to look back and say “Yeah, that’s my person. {insert heart eyes here}”

But I will take a minute to elaborate on why self-love portraits are also dope as heck. I think a lot of people spend more time than they should hating themselves or getting down on themselves even subconsciously. How many times a day do you make self-deprecating jokes without even batting an eye?

You are all beautiful in your own ways and you have always been good enough. That should be celebrated. Come get dressed up in whatever makes you feel hella fine and take awesome photos with me. On the holiday of love, remember to love yourself too.

If you’re interested, fill out the form below and book now! Spots are limited to have them in time for Valentine’s day!