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So much can be said through plants and flowers. Do you want to say “I love you?” Do you want to say “I care?” Do you want to passive aggressively say “I’m congratulating you out of spite?” The types of flora you choose as gifts and decor say a lot! Before you accidentally buy your partner platonic-friendship-flowers for your wedding anniversary, consider speaking with a florist that acts as a translator between every day English and the language of plants.

Abigale Palmer of Starry Nights Floral is one such florist that can really translate your thoughts and emotions into beautiful floral creations. During a recent styled shoot we collaborated on, she told me that she wasn’t good at traditional painting, so she decided to paint with flowers instead. Each arrangement she creates holds special meaning for the recipient, from honoring a deceased loved one to celebrating a new marriage. She works hard to bring people joy through her arrangements.

I originally met Abi in college at Colorado State University, where she studied floriculture. We were both members of the marching band and bonded over the long hours of rehearsal, performances, and the all of the shenanigans in between. While in college, she worked creating edible arrangements as a precursor to her eventual work in flowers (which are also edible arrangements if you’re hungry enough). After graduating, she worked with a couple of florists before launching her own business as Starry Nights Floral. Since then, her client base and creativity have only continued to grow.

We did a little mini-shoot to feature some of her latest arrangements. We also did a couple of styled shoots featuring one of her stunning bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Take a look below! And if you or someone you know is in need (or want) of some gorgeous arrangements, reach out to Abi!

Phone: 970-518-5741


IG: @starrynightsfloral

Facebook: Starry Nights Floral

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