New Year’s Resolutions

January 2, 2020

When I ask my dad what his New Year’s resolutions are he always answered, “To stop having New Year’s resolutions.” And I get it. You can’t be disappointed about falling off the band wagon and not completing your resolution if you just don’t make one to begin with.

I personally hated resolutions for a long time, too, until I shifted my mindset around them. While everyone else is chanting “New year, new me” I began telling myself “New year, evolving me.” I’m not going to instantly turn over a new leaf and become this gym rat, health-conscious, high-achieving person. But I will slowly take steps to improve myself. It sounds the same at the surface, perhaps, but the shift from high expectation of immediate success to smaller, achievable milestone goals resonates for me.

This year I’m creating milestone goals–small steps towards a bigger picture. Here are my big picture goals for this year, and the milestones to get there:

  • Have a more successful photography business
    • Blog twice a month
    • Run an ad once a month on social media
    • Watch a webinar or listen to a podcast about running a photography business each month
    • Print some business cards
    • Attend two photography workshops
    • Book 10 weddings for 2020
    • Read 5 books about business management
  • Become healthier
    • Exercise twice a week
    • Cut down soda consumption from daily to twice a week
    • Bring lunch from home 3 days a week
    • Meatless Mondays
    • Get back down to a healthy weight
    • Get outdoors or hike twice a month
  • Be a better person
    • Do community service or volunteer once a month
    • Do a random act of kindness every week
    • Listen more actively when others speak to me
    • Listen to understand instead of to respond
    • Stand up for what I believe in
    • Read 26 books
    • Practice music every week

It looks like a long list. But these are all small pieces of a bigger goal, and those small pieces can be measured and tracked. That’s the difference. Instead of a big, vague goal I now have an action plan to reach those goals. (I like to think I do at any rate.)

So here we go! I’m ready to dive into 2020 feet first, and I hope you join me for the journey. New Year, Evolving Me!