Emotive Fairy Portraits

Ani and I took a trip to Horsetooth Falls just west of Fort Collins, Colorado, to capture some creative fairy portraits. They wanted to capture two personas they created: an adorably clueless yet handsome fairy lad, and a beautiful femme fairy with flowing, lavender hair. 

Ani constructed both costumes themself including both sets of wings. The floral headpiece with the lavender haired costume was created by Hello Faerie. (Side Note: If you’re looking for some incredible wing sets or head pieces, check out the Hello Faerie site. They have a variety of handmade items for a reasonable price.)

The weather was perfect up in the woods — somewhat overcast creating beautiful lighting. While we had planned to adventure all the way to the base of the falls, we found it wasn’t really necessary. Between the tall grassy meadow, pine groves, and the bridge we found over a slowly trickling creek, we had all the scenery we needed. 

Faeries and the fae have always held a special place in Ani’s heart. When asked what drew them to fairies to begin with, they responded:

I have always loved fairies since I first met a gaggle of them at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival when I was about 6 years old. I have always been entranced by the magic that they embody. Later in my life I became aware of so many other “professional” fae in the Renaissance Circuit and they became large inspirations to my costuming choices and life aesthetics. In these costumes, the masculine costume was inspired heavily by the Fae of the Wildwood, of course with my own twist and backstory, but they were one of the first groups that I saw men fully embraced within the fairy circle. The more feminine look is inspired by Twig the Fairy and her squad (all tying back to the wonderful Hello Faerie and her exquisite work). Simply, I wanted to be who I looked up to as a child and these photos made that real.


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